Debbie Davenport

Founder / Owner

Debbie Davenport is the founder and owner of Caribou Ridge Architecture, LLC. She graduated from the University of Kansas with her B. Arch in 1990. After moving to Houston, TX with her husband, Debbie earned her Architectural License in 1994. They moved to Colorado shortly after and settled in the small mountain town of Nederland, CO with their two young daughters. In 1998, Debbie founded Caribou Ridge Architecture and since then, has completed over 350 residential and commercial projects in Colorado, Michigan, Wyoming, Missouri, Montana, and Nebraska.

Kate Barnett

Architectural Intern / Owner

Kate Barnett is an architectural intern at Caribou Ridge Architecture, LLC. As Debbie’s daughter, she has watched her mom grow the company and create lasting client relationships since she was a toddler. Kate graduated from Judson University with her M. Arch in 2020. After graduation, she jumped right in to working for Caribou Ridge Architecture and has since expanded the company to southeast Michigan where she now lives. Outside of her passion for architecture, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, learning to play golf, and working on her fixer-upper with her husband.